IOT Solutions

We program, update, and integrate embedded IoT/M2M gateway solutions for microcontrollers, sensors, and processors for smart devices to connect to the cloud for real-time data processing.

Here is The Features:

Our IOT Solutions full of features,
Remote Monitoring
Leverage the importance of our services and enjoy connecting, tracking & monitoring your business’s most important assets.
Analytics & Insights
To help our clients get productive optimizations, we generate actionable insights based on the applied big data analytics and other necessary device data.
Smart Manufacturing
Get objects embedded with electronics, software sensors & network connectivity.
Flexible Prices
We offer flexible website pricing to fit your circumstances, what are you waiting for ?!
Maintenance & Support
Linked Gates offers an efficient and flexible solution for maintenance and support,
Our clients must first be assured that the device is not compromised in any way and that all communications will be secure.

Let us improve your business!