Linked Gates

An independent software vendor(ISV) works to enable small and medium businesses (SMBs) to be more productive by providing them with powerful business management software whether cloud_ based or on premise. Linked Gates Composed of a group of programmers with experience for more than 17 years we work diligently on the development in the field of programs to facilitate the process of organizing with the partner.

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we have ability to make whatever internal changes are necessary to respond effectively to the changing outward environment, as quickly as possible

Strong Leaders

Leadership is the capacity of a company's management to set and achieve challenging goals, take fast and decisive action when needed, outperform the competition, and inspire others to perform at the highest level they can

Best Education

we have qualified team with best education, and we care also about personal skills,

Client Oriented

we focus on helping customers to meet their long-term needs and wants. Here, management and employees align their individual and team objectives around satisfying and retaining customers.

Rich Experience

The company's team has a rich experience base, mixed with 20 years working in the field

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